Bob Kernohan interview wrt Julia Gillard

By Eco Guy 9:39am 29th August 2011
2UE are about to release an interview with Bob Kernohan that could blow the top off the Australian Government...

2UE Bob Kernohan Interview

See here for the current 2UE page that is acting as holding page for the interview. It was meant to be played today but it appears the lawyers are dotting the i's and crossing the t's to make sure they have everything on record and provable. The interview looks like it will cast light on the allegations of fraud at the AWU.

We cannot say any more at this stage but the teaser 'bleeped' fragments that were played make it very clear that the interview will be very telling. As a result Bob Kernohan has been put in a safe house to ensure his safety, given what the interview reveals, this seems like a very wise move indeed.

Crikey also have a detailed look at the background to this going over many years. Also see here for some extracts from the statu­tory dec­la­ra­tion.

As soon as the interview is out we will update this post to point right to it on 2UE, so please bookmark and share.


Looks like the original 2UE page has gone - get a Java error dump instead... Another interesting page at 2UE is here.Also an other interesting post here .


See here.......


Radio announcers 2UE's Paul Murray and 2GB's Alan Jones & Chris Smith are currently off air... Either they have been silenced or something big is about to break..

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