Remote Sensing Editor Resigns over Spencer and Braswell paper

By Eco Guy 12:52am 5th September 2011
Publishing a good paper that goes against the climate change 'consensus' is enough for a journal editor to resign over - OMG!

Journal editor resigns over anti-AGW paper - oh the horror!

See this BBC article for the main stream media report on this.

Notice how they do not really refute the paper on any observed data driven grounds, rather refer back to the models as being more 'solid' than the observed data from satellites. Basically a smudge by association...

Jo Anne Nova has a detailed article on this. Apparently this particular news piece has gone super viral - perhaps not exactly what the resignation was meant to cause - talk about shooting yourself in the foot! As I've said before they are their own worst enemy.

Also see here for the paper and a handy primer on the key points. Enjoy!


Does indeed look like a case of Follow the Money...

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  • Klem said:

    Why did he really quit? I know of no journal editor who has resigned over a published paper. Even if they found the paper to be full of errors, that has never been good enough reason to quit in the past. Journals publish bad science all the time, the editors don't quit over it, so why did this guy really quit? I don’t believe this paper by Spencer was the real reason, this does not pass the sniff test. I’m sorry but there is something else going on here that we’re not hearing about. I smell a rat.

    ON Mon, 5 Sep 11, 3:36pm probably from Canada  Reply to this comment

    • Eco Guy said:

      Hi Klem, I know it stinks. It looks like there might be an internal conflict of interest caused by him having a project funded that operates on the basis that the findings of the paper are incorrect... Might be some interesting FOI's to undertake.

      ON Tue, 6 Sep 11, 4:57am probably from United States  Reply to this comment

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