Maths Bug Mental Maths app updated

By Eco Guy 8:37am 19th January 2012
Maths Bug, our mental maths training Android application, has been updated!

Maths Bug has undergone quite a few enhancements, namely:

  • 3 Strikes play mode, keep playing until you loose your 3 lives;
  • One Mad Maths Minute mode, play for one minute and try to get as many right as you can as quickly as you can;
  • Extensive hints, tips and tricks;
  • Updated high scores that show who is new and who is about leave;
  • Tells you what your high score is and what the world high score is for the game you are about to play;
  • Improved layout for tablets and small screen devices.
If you are interested you can download it from the Android market. You can also find out more at our maths web page. Fun for children and adults alike!


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