Maths Bug on Android updated

By Eco Guy 10:34pm 9th May 2012
The Maths Bug app on Android has undergone major updates..

We have just released v1.13 of Maths Bug for Android.

Now has the following new features:

  • A test for Angles and Trigonometry, complete with graphics for angles and triangles.
  • Support for comparing high scores across countries.
  • More extensive help text and hints.
  • Built in widget.
  • Reminders to play.

See the entry on Google Play for more details. It's free to download. If you want to use the advanced levels, you will need to pay a small one off fee to access all, we need to pay for our coffee's as well :) .

We hope you find the app is helpful with improving your mental maths skills and general maths ability. If you do find the app useful, please give us a good rating or show your support by buying the advanced levels; we need good coffee to code!


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