Droughts in the USA, not

By Eco Guy 10:51pm 12th August 2012
It appears that NASA's James Hansen has been caught out spreading unproven conclusions about droughts in the USA, when in actually it is not the case.

James Hansen has been famous over the years for making pronouncements that are shown later on to be false, from deaths of Polar Bears (more than ever now) to Manhattan being under meters of water within a few years.. He is famous for turning off the air conditioning at a Senate hearing to make the Senators feel a heat that wasn't really there.

His latest erroneous pronouncement is that the odds of droughts & high temperatures occurring in the USA now are 1 in 10... Although in a Watts Up With That that post, Former Virginia State Climatologist Dr. Pat Michaels, says:

Hansen claims that global warming is associated with increased drought in the US. This is a testable hypothesis which he chose not to test, and, because PNAS isn’t truly peer-reviewed for Members like him, no one tested it for him.

I have [examined] drought data [that] are from NCDC, and the temperature record is Hansen’s own. His hypothesis is a complete and abject failure.

Hansen should be ashamed. NASA should be ashamed. To publish such a finding without even properly testing it is academic vandelism. He did it knowing full well the press would pick it up and publish it far and wide, this is a systematic abuse of his position for a personal belief not proven by the science.

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