Ballarat museum scaring children with biasless climate propaganda

By Eco Guy 8:44am 22nd November 2012
Caring about the environment is one thing, deliberately setting out to scare young children with climate change propaganda in an art gallery is something completely different...

Ballarat Museum is scaring children!!!

Probably not the headline Ballarat Museum wanted, but it fits the bill perfectly in this case.

As Australian Climate Madness and Quadrant Online have found, climate change zealots will stop at nothing to influence children. In some cases taking paintings done many many years ago and spinning the context to make it look like they are referring to climate change.


Ballarat Museum - you should be utterly ashamed. You are meant to be a place of education and reflection, not a place where children are spoon fed the latest meme!

Maybe you should top it off with a video exhibit as follows:

No pressure Ballarat - in for a penny, in for a pound I say...

Think about what you are doing and the example you are setting. Shame on you.

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