Sea level rise of 1 meter in Australia unproven

By Eco Guy 11:18pm 13th January 2013
The ABC is currently saying that properties on the Australian coast are at risk for a 1 meter rise by the end of the century - where is the proof???

The ABC are currently promoting a blatant lie as concerns proven sea level rises.

The problem with this is that what they say will impact on the property market close to the sea, in the same way that a Greenie fraudulently issued a press release, they are in serious danger of making those who issue or present such false statements legally liable.

As regards the 'threat' of rising sea levels - to rise one meter by the end of the century would require 11.5mm per year. Yet if one looks at the current rate of sea level rise, as recorded since 1850 we get the following graph.

As can be seen, there has been no acceleration on this record since 1850. In fact we would need the rate of sea level rise to be eight times faster than it currently is; i.e. in reality we have a rate of sea level rise of about 9cm per 100 years - a darn sight less than 1 meter. For more information on this read this article .

As for measurements in Australia, see this article, apparently there is some confusion between sea level rises and subsiding land.

I have a challenge for the Academics - show me a clear statistically significant measurement over the last 20 years that actually shows an increase in the rate of sea level rises, taking into account local subsidence, and I will withdraw this article. Future projections based on computer models DO NOT COUNT. I want real exact measurements of what is actually happening around Australia.

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