Climategate Parliamentary Inquiry in the UK, the whitewash results are in

By Eco Guy 11:07pm 31st March 2010
The parliamentary inquiry into ClimateGate has just published its report, we have a look.

For the full report see this pdf on wattsupwiththat.

Initial Analysis

I agree with the headline point that climate science needs to be more transparent and avoid not sharing information because those you share it with could find holes in it - we need this to ensure the scientific process actually works, so not much to disagree with there.

As regards the rest of it - I think its pure full-gloss one-coat white wash!

Parliamentary White wash

The real problem I have with this report is that has failed to take a properly inclusive review of the whole space 'around' climategate - i.e. no 'core' skeptics got interviewed, no experts were brought in to review the code, etc. Just basically a trial by prominent people with an opinion on climate change; they seemed to have steered well clear of anybody who could actually have knocked a hole in the work of the CRU.

In short very disappointing, but given how close an election is, to a certain degree it is not unexpected..

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