Lets the climate models tell the truth we want to see..

By Eco Guy 12:34am 6th May 2010
Climate models are just that, a model, based on assumptions and theories. Their accuracy is limited not only through the complexities of the climatic systems they model but also by the conclusions researchers want to see from them..

A classic example of this 'I want this outcome' effect is shown in AGW to reach the edge of wetness. Basically a climate model is shown to be predicting that certain parts of the world could become uninhabitable at some time in the future because the temperature and humidity will be such that people will literally overheat because they will be not able to regulate their body temperatures...

Ignoring the obvious total BS of such research; the real question is how such 'research' made it into being published? How could the esteemed 'gold standard' peer review process let such drivel through? One wonders if there is an agenda being seen in full effect here; i.e. dam the hard science, support AGW!

Hopefully the legal investigation in Mann in the US and he spending of government grant money might turn over some useful examples of 'results driven' climate research that can then be used to clear up the mess else where.

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