Gillard is in

By Eco Guy 12:51am 24th June 2010
Julia Gillard is in as the new PM of Australia, replacing Kevin Rudd; what does this mean for the Green Agenda?

There has been a change of power at the top of Australia, Kevin Rudd has effectively stood aside without a fight and we have a new PM Julia Gillard..

Apart from the obvious questions over whether the electorate have had their collective nose put out of joint by not being consulted - we wonder what this is going to mean for the Green elements of the government policies..

Our betting is that this is going to have very little real effect on the government's green policies. ETS is effectively dead in the water. Taxing people for the carbon they consume is probably the icing on the cake compared to the super tax on resources.

As I've said before, this government needs to stop taking a 'big picture' 'mass expense' solution to climate issues and do more on the ground to actually help people in making more green and informed decisions in their everyday lives. Green taxation or carbon trading doesn't really solve the problem it just makes you feel like you are solving the problem (whilst a load of middlemen get rich at the same time).

Education is the key to this; although given this current government's track record on things Educational I would not be holding out for this to come about. Roll on the election.

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