New Square LED's more light directional

By Eco Guy 6:20am 8th July 2010
A new LED fabrication technique produces squares of LED's that are more directional.

An ordinary LED, like an incandescent bulb, shines light in all directions; but an Austin TX company, Illumitex, has found a solution to this by making LEDs that are more directional.

The package Illumitex manufactures is a square array of 16 or 4 LEDs that projects light in a square pattern. This means that more light goes where it is wanted and this is ideal for illuminating signage, worksurface lighting, etc.

From their product description:

The ITX-500 Series offers the ability to control the beam angle at the emitter level, eliminating the need for costly secondary optics and substantially reducing total volume of the light engine. The ITX-500 series also delivers unsurpassed color and power uniformity of the light within the specified beam angle. Ability to achieve a 22% increase in meeting the new DOE Fitted Targeted Efficacy metric for outdoor luminaries is an integral part of the design.

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