new low cost solar cell tech - dye films

By Eco Guy 3:48am 9th July 2010
solar dye film cells will be available at a projected price of 3p per kw/h, a tenth of silicon cells.

See this articlefor more details on the technology.

In essence, the technology uses a similar method to that of photosynthesis. The good thing is the actual dye colour can be changed (red, green, blue, etc) or made visible spectrum clear - so can be put straight onto windows..

Another benefit not mentioned in the article, is if this is put onto window glass - there is a very good chance it will also increase the R-Value of the window - thereby helping reduce heating and cooling costs. They might want to focus on that as a secondary benefit. Also having the film on the glass would make it safer as well (less likely to completely shatter if the film is strong enough). There might be a slight reduction in clarity through the film, but probably no more than existing energy loss stopping window films.

All in all this sounds like a tech revolution for solar.

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