Call for tighter review of IPCC data

By Eco Guy 9:04am 16th July 2010
Prof Jean Palutikof, who spent 5 years at the British Met Office preparing the UN report, Climate Change 2007: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, admitted the existing system was flawed because "quite a lot" of information had not been peer-reviewed by independent scientists before publication.

See here for the original article.

I agree with her assessment, in that the upcoming fifth assessment will need to be crystal clear in the way it reviews the science to ensure that accuracy is maintained and that bias does not creep into the report. Given the potential gravity of the situation I think this is something which is not unreasonable and should be expected to be publicly seen to happen.

The current report is a shadow of what it should have been given the errors found and usage of none peer reviewed literature in key statements and findings.

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