IPCC must reform, recommends IAC

By Eco Guy 12:23am 31st August 2010
An independent review said the scientists who produce the periodic United Nations reports on climate change (IPCC) should be more open to alternative views, more transparent about their own possible conflicts of interest and more realistic in the reporting of the likelihood of climatic events.

See here for thr NY Times coverage of this story, and see here for coverage on a leading skeptic blog site.

In general I'm in support of the need for the changes. Basically, the IPPC has rather lost its way in terms of being objective and transparent. It is very hard for those who views differ to the AGW hypothesis to get themselves heard and noted as part of the IPCC process. In fact the current process pretty much guarantees that dissenting voices are not heard until well after the report has been finalized and published. Given the seriousness of what the IPCC undertake this is reason enough to cast doubt across the organization.

I'm also in support of 'rotating out' senior IPCC leads after each assessment, to quote:

"The IPCC should establish an Executive Committee to act on its behalf between Plenary sessions. The membership of the Committee should include the IPCC Chair, the Working Group Co-chairs, the senior member of the Secretariat, and 3 independent members, including some from outside of the climate community. Members would be elected by the Plenary and serve until their successors are in place.

The IPCC should elect an Executive Director to lead the Secretariat and handle day-to-day operations of the organization. The term of this senior scientist should be limited to the time frame of one assessment."

Basically this ensures that any bias in the leadership is prevented from easily continuing from one assessment to another - although this in itself does not stop a manifest bias if picking from the same 'pool' of leadership over time.

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