It does look like the Sun influences climate after all

By Eco Guy 11:46pm 23rd September 2010
The idea that changes in the sun's activity can influence the climate is making a comeback, after years of scientific vilification, thanks to major advances in our understanding of the atmosphere.

See the New Scientist article for more information on this.

Basically, I find it somewhat strange that the fluctuations of the Sun have been left out of climate models, even if its just 0.1% given the global effect of such an energy 'input' to the whole planetary system. Basically if the energy cycle is 'in balance' with a certain amount of energy coming in, then any global change above or below that balance would have its effect multiplied. Its the human induced Co2 accumulative argument applied to the Solar budget in effect.

Hopefully this will lead to better modeling with more realistic and bounded results.

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