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  • The COP ritual
     one hour ago from
    GWPF's campaigning arm has just released a completely brilliant paper reviewing the COPs. I say this with some authority, since I compiled the text, although to be fair most of the brilliance...
  • If you’ve ever wanted to see the views from atop a wind turbine, your wish may soon come true. The Dutch renewable energy company Qurrent just unveiled plans to transform a wind farm into the...
  • Bill Gates and the strings he attaches
     2 hours ago from
    I seem to detect something of a theme emerging ahead of the Paris conference, namely the idea of technological solutions to climate change. There has been something of a buzz on Twitter in recent...
  • An organic farmer turned politician, a woman with solar panels on her shed and a man who cycles in the snow – the city leaders who live green
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  • The facts about Water Tanks
     Updated: Wed, 21 Oct 15, 5:17pm   Comments: 14
    Water tanks, all you need to know about storing water and the best ways to use water around the house.
  • The importance of building orientation
     Updated: Wed, 21 Oct 15, 4:27pm   Comments: 15
    Building orientation to the Sun is important to reduce energy consumption, keeping comfortable and saving money. This article explains how to get the building orientation correct.
  • Trombe Walls can provide free heating, cooling and ventilation. This article explains how Trombe Walls work, how to build one and how they save money by reducing energy usage.
  • Solar Power Facts
     Updated: Sat, 26 Sep 15, 10:11am
    Establish the facts around solar power. This article explains the pros and cons of having a solar power system for your home, and how to work out the costs.
  • Mould Prevention, do it yourself tips
     Updated: Mon, 20 Jul 15, 9:18pm
    Preventing mould in your house without using expensive chemicals or solutions, managing it the DIY way.
Recent Comments
  • charles on Solar Power Calculator
     “Dear Sir/ Madam We would like to introduce to you WILLS GENERAL TRADERS LTD, Is a well registered company...”
  • saveenergy on What is Carbon Pollution
     “Fact: CO2 is not a pollutant, CO2 is in our every breath, in the carbonated sodas and waters that we drink...”
  • bob on What is Carbon Pollution
     “hi :)”
  • lee on Solar System Savings Calculator
     “We have Net metering. Our utility just sends a credit bill in the summer. No showing how it is calculated....”
  • adele on Top Ten Going Green Tips & Tricks
     “Hi Just wondering we now have 2 inground concrete watertanks they are above ground about 20cms and each is...”
  • Beth on DIY Decking Oil
     “Well, the United States, in it's INFINITE wisdom, doesn't seem to have terebine (terobene). And I'm fed up...”
  • Carlos on Solar Power Calculator
     “Hi I have a project to make in my mind and I would like to know if someone can give me an advice to make...”
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  • The Australian Carbon tax is no more
     Updated: Fri, 18 Jul 14, 8:04pm
    Yesterday in the Senate the Carbon Tax was removed. This was a great victory for common sense as concerns realistic environmental policy. The Carbon Tax in Australia is gone - hurrah!
    Now, you may...
  • Dueling Climate Reports
     Updated: Mon, 21 Apr 14, 7:13pm
    In the interests of free speech I'm reposting this article so it gets better exposure. Guest essay by Dr. Craig D. Idso

    The release of a United Nations (UN) climate change report last week energized...

  • Second hand building materials
     Updated: Sat, 25 Jan 14, 9:53am
    Second hand building materials offer an excellent way to reduce environmental impact, we show you how. Houses and buildings are constantly being demolished and rebuilt all the time. This creates a large amount...
  • Climate Council, represents who?
     Updated: Tue, 24 Sep 13, 7:03am
    The Climate Commission is being reformed as the Climate Council, we ask who do they represent and what is their funding model? According to this article Tim Flannery is reforming the Climate...
Special Interest Groups
  • Environment Issues
    All about the environment and how we are affecting it and what we can do to improve things for the future
  • Climate Change
    Climate Change / Global Warming, what it is, is it real and how it effects us.
  • Solar Power
    Solar Power news, articles and advice on being more self sufficient by the sun. Info on batteries, grid connected power, solar panels, inverters, etc.
  • Wind Power
    Wind Power, what it is and how to do it. News and articles on wind power.
  • Recycling
    Recycling is important to sustainable living as it reduces what goes into landfill and reduces the need to supply new products.
  • Pollution
    Unfortunately pollution does happen, read all about it here.
  • Green Building
    Making sure what you build is green, sustainable and energy efficient is of prime importance.
  • Organic Food
    Organic food is not only good for you, its good for the environment as well. Learn about how to grow it or who supplies it.
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