Feed-in tariff for NSW reduced to 20c/kWh

By Eco Guy 6:41am 27th October 2010
New South Wales has reviewed its feed-in tariff and reduced it to 20c/kWh, we look at what this means.

See here for the full story.

Basically the 60c gross feed-in tariff is now down to 20c. The net effect of this is that the point at which a solar system breaks even (i.e. covers it costs is set back by roughly 3 times the duration).

For a more precise analysis of this please use our Solar System Saving Calculator to work out the expected point of breaking even now. You can even use the calculator to compare against the rate of return you will receive off a bank account, and also account for cost increases over time.

For other ways of saving money and the environment around your house, see this article.

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