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By Eco Guy 12:18pm 25th February 2010
Ofcom in the UK is investigating a climate change advert which really takes things too far.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about pay a visit to The Register.

What I find particularly distasteful is the way this targets on a purely emotional basis, namely a father reading a bed time story to his daughter.

We already have had this form of brainwashing with children done by Build-a-Bear; now they are turning to giving parents a guilt trip over doing something about climate change and global warming.

One really wonders about the underlying science behind this if they are having to resort to such scare tactics to make people believe in what they are trying to sell. Basically if it was as 'rock solid' as they claim, then why should they feel the need to do this?

Although given the recent announcement by the IPCC that they are going to better police the experts who produce their reports, you really have to wonder how solid things really are.

There has to be a lot more to this than just climate change; and I'd reckon financially vested interest is way up there with a political motivation. Those two combined can create a lot of motivation to sell at all costs.

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