Yet another Climate Change department?

By Eco Guy 8:00am 26th February 2010
Seems the AU government are busy producing yet more Co2 via civil servants for climate change.

I read with some interest Peter Garrett's fall from grace - then I had to read the statement again as I could not believe my eyes:

'establishment of a standalone Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency'

Hold on! Is this yet more bureaucracy? Certainly looks like it is; this is the old trick of splitting in two and adding more to the remaining halves.

Bureaucratic overload

I know the environment is important and all that - but why oh why does this have to be treated as a 'special case' of environmental management? It's just too much and its leading to inappropriately rushed legislation (the ETS). Of course this is not going to help one bit the wish of many for there to be more homes built to overcome the shortfall experienced which is making it very hard for first home buyers to get a foot on the property ladder.

Also I think it further moves the focus away from the very local specific environmental mismanagement going on in places like the Murray Darling Basin - we need to be doing more to deal with the local issues first then worry about whats left and if it is actually related to climate change or not.

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