Plug pulled in French “Super Ministry of Environment”

By Eco Guy 8:44am 16th November 2010
Its seems the French have given a big fat 'Nill Points' to the plans to set up a “Super Ministry of Environment” in France.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has pulled the plug on the French prestige project, a super ministry of environment, dubbed “Medad” (Ministère du Développement durable). See here and here.

Basically this has put a stop to any advancement of Climate change centric environmental policy in France. This must be seen as a massive step in the right direction and victory of common sense over badly constructed and 'over sold' science.

Note: We do care very much about the environment, but the problem we see is that people's natural concern about the environment has been 'hijacked' by those wishing to profit off the climate change scare. To many people caring about the environment has become 'fused' with climate change; hopefully this act by the French will make more people think about the science behind climate change and start see it as a distortion of their wishes to do the right thing by the environment as a whole and start demanding more real and reproducible science. This is the only practical way to progress the issue and get back to being more sensible about how we protect the environment we have now instead of worrying about how things 'might' be in the future.

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