Climate Change killed my cat..

By Eco Guy 12:40am 5th March 2010
It seems that everything from Floods through to Fires through to droughts is being blamed on global warming and climate change. I think this is oversimplifying the story and ignoring local changes we have caused.

Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS principal)

I think the KISS principal can be applied equally well to a lot of the worry over climate change as for anything else. In this case, when something is blamed to have being effected by climate change we need to be looking for reasons for it locally first then work outwards to the global climatic system.

If you do this you will suddenly see that man actually has probably had more of a 'local' hand in causing the change. For instance take the current drought in the Murray Darling basin, this was being blamed on global warming and climate change by Penny Wong but recently a chief scientist has said this is nonsense. Its probably more likely that the complete 'cock-up' in managing the water there has caused this - which is down to us, the Murray Darling basin was doing perfectly fine before we came along and started fiddling with it for financial gain.

The same can be said with treelines - global warming is not causing the movement, rather local changes in environment and suitability to trees is more to blame - probably with a fair slice of local human impact mixed in.

I think there is far too much focus on looking for things that could have been effected by global warming, then once discovered and 'tagged' as such there then appears to be a total lack of research to see if something much simpler and closer to home is actually the main driver. This makes the resultant science essentially worthless and downright dangerous.

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