The incredible shrinking carbon tax...

By Eco Guy 6:21am 10th August 2011
Carbon tax is to be paid by even less industry, whilst in the US the Chicago Climate Exchange is finally put out of our misery..

According to this article:

"AT FIRST it was thought the carbon tax would apply to 1000 of Australia's biggest polluters, then it was 500, and now the climate change department says it's "more like 400"

Can they please keep recounting, at this rate they will be down to zero...

Also it appears in the US that something we seem to be willing to pay many dollars for a tonne is so cheap that the exchange set up to trade it has been forced to close . Basically the Chicago Climate Exchange can't really function that well as an exchange when the good you are meant to be exchanging is worthless, see below

$0.05 Carbon

Can't go much lower than $0.05 per ton... Maybe there is an opportunity here to buy up all these $0.05 per ton units of Carbon and sell them in Australia where they will fetch $23 per tonne...  So much for a working global market - this is what happens when you base a market on a worthless commodity that everything pretty much is made out of!

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