What is Carbon Pollution

By Eco Guy 3:41am 10th August 2011
Carbon pollution, what is it?

What is Carbon Pollution?

Carbon pollution, or rather pollution through the production of Co2 (carbon dioxide) from industrial activity, we are told, is harming our environment and resulting in all sorts of environmental disasters from rising sea levels through to warming the globe.

On the face of it this sounds a rather nasty problem and something we should do our best to deal with - the trouble is somewhere along the way cause and effect got rather overlooked in the analysis...

The real cost of Carbon Pollution...

For instance, where does it state in the paperwork handed out by the government exactly how much warming will be prevented by this huge expense? Answer, you won't find it! it has been worked out that by spending many billions of dollars on a carbon tax in Australia the likely reduction in global temperature will be in the order of 0.00007 degrees! Now, this is a level of change in temperature which can not be actually accurately measured across the globe - so all this money is going to be spent on doing something we won't be able to tell has worked or not!

But, I hear you cry - Carbon is a pollutant! We should stop it! Well that is just not borne out by the facts; carbon dioxide, in its current level in the climate is not a pollutant - it is a naturally occurring chemical that is used by plants and given off by animals. Yes, it is slightly higher than it has been in the recent past, but hardly a level which is going to cause anyone to faint or suffer Co2 induced asphyxia!

Okay, its not a pollutant directly, but it's still contributing to the increase in global temperatures! Well yes it has contributed to an increase in temperature, as roughly every doubling of Co2 concentration in the air results in a 1 degree rise in temperature. Although in the last 10 years we have pumped out a quarter of all our human made Co2 since 1751, yet there has been no increase in global temperatures. It seems something else is steering the temperature boat.

But, but, I can see the nasty Co2 given off by those power stations! Wrong, that is not Co2, as Co2 is colourless; it is most likely water vapour.

Its a load of expensive bull!

Basically, taxing Co2 is going to achieve absolutely zip for the environment, it's the world biggest environmental own goal going and we are all paying premium prices to watch the match! This is more about a cash strapped government and a misguided Green's party finding ways to yet raise more money and make people more beholden to the government machinery...

Where exactly did you get to vote for that?

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  • Tassia said:

    How can a site that deseminates blatant lies (there is concrete data showing temperatures have already increased 0.5-1 degree globally) be promoting itself as Eco friendly and sustainable. How about taking a look at what the actual scientists are saying rather than desseminating propaganda put out by those with vested interests in burning of fossil fuels.

    ON Fri, 12 Aug 11, 5:21am probably from Australia  Reply to this comment

    • Eco Guy said:

      Yes, temperature has increased but it has more to do with being in a warming period after the last ice age than to do with the level of Co2 in the atmosphere, see my link - the Co2 is at a historical low compared to the historical record yet we are still here...

      ON Fri, 12 Aug 11, 5:35am probably from United States  Reply to this comment

    • Eco Guy said:

      Also we do care about the environment, but moderate that care with a hard logical based point of view on whats going on. I suggest you read 'Confessions of a Greenpeace drop out' by Patrick Moore if you really want to tune in to what this site is about.

      ON Fri, 12 Aug 11, 5:38am probably from United States  Reply to this comment

    • Antonia said:

      Climate changes all the time. Always has and always will. The only intelligent response to it is adaptation. The only problem with adaptation is that the Greens won't attain their fantasy world and shut down all the non-renewable power stations. This whole debate is political, not scientific. Remember too, that only rich countries can afford to clean up their environments; economic basket cases can't.

      ON Mon, 15 Aug 11, 6:02am probably from Australia  Reply to this comment

  • Kel said:

    So what if you are wrong? This is about the future and I think stopping putting billions of tons of pollution into the atmosphere is a good thing. No? Should we put in more to help the environment? It seems to me people like you want to be right more than you want to help others.

    ON Wed, 11 Jan 12, 4:15am probably from Australia  Reply to this comment

  • Eco Guy said:

    Hi Kel,

    First off the level of Co2 in the current atmosphere is not 'pollution'. We basically do not know how much of the Co2 is level is directly due to burning fossil fuels - the methods of measurement are effected by natural processes that also influence the isotopic ratios (such as certain gases or bacteria). Also the current Co2 level was dangerously close to the 150ppm level, below which plants stop working...

    I agree we should help the environment, but we should do that from a logical and fact informed basis. The current crop of 'green techs' have either Co2 neutral or negative footprints when you consider their whole life cycle. We instead need to focus more on dealing with localized environmental pollution and degradation - did you know that a third of the Chinese coastline is banned from fishing on due to pollution? And where are all the solar panels and wind turbines made....

    ON Fri, 13 Jan 12, 12:23am probably from United States  Reply to this comment

  • Bob said:

    hi :)

    ON Mon, 12 Oct 15, 4:04pm probably from Australia  Reply to this comment

  • Saveenergy said:

    Fact: CO2 is not a pollutant, CO2 is in our every breath, in the carbonated sodas and waters that we drink and in the dry ice that helps us keep our food cold and safe. We breathe in 400 parts per million and then exhale 40,000 parts per million with no ill effects. We breathe the 40,000 ppm into victims needing CPR and it does not cause them to die! The monitoring systems in U.S. submarines do not provide an alert until CO2 levels reach 8,000 ppm which is higher that natural CO2 levels have been on Earth in the last 540 million years.

    CO2 is a great airborne fertilizer which, as its concentrations rise, causes additional plant growth and causes plants to need less water. Without CO2 there would be no life (food) on Earth. The 120 ppm of CO2 added to the atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution has caused an average increase in worldwide plant growth of over 12 percent and of 18 percent for trees.

    There is not a single instance of CO2 being a pollutant. Ask any chemistry professor.

    To put the “carbon” scare into perspective: CO2 has increased from about 3 parts in 10,000, to only 4 parts in 10,000 …. in 150 years.

    How much of the total "Greenhouse Effect" is caused by human activity?....... Just 0.28% see graph http://tinyurl.com/pgjy5pm

    Simple explanation here - www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/greenhouse_data.html

    “Should we celebrate CO2?” Lecture by Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace. http://tinyurl.com/ou7eczx

    ON Thu, 15 Oct 15, 6:56pm probably from United Kingdom  Reply to this comment

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