The Carbon War

By Eco Guy 3:39am 20th September 2011
The Carbon War - how the ABC misrepresent the political and social situation in Australia around the Carbon Tax.

The Carbon War

The ABC has recently aired a 4 corners program called  The Carbon War.

Basically its a typical ABC Carbon Tax supporting spin laden program.

First off it focuses solely on the 'organization' behind the anti Carbon Tax movement, totally ignoring the Say YES and Get Up organization on the other side.

Secondly it tries to water down our PM's "There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead" statement before the election by claiming she was always interested in wanting to deal with climate change - basically side stepping the whole point of integrity.

Also they focus on the Co2 pollution per person as being the highest in the world, yet totally ignore that we have one of the highest natural Co2 sequestration per person. They also ignore the total Co2 emissions count and how that pales into insignificance compared to the likes of China and the USA (which don't have Carbon Taxes).

They also paint those who are skeptical of climate change as 'radical fringe groups' and 'extremists'. Yet do nothing to cover the radical behavior of the pro side (the 10 10 video comes to mind in particular). Although they do provide the whole site address of the Galileo Movement, so people can go and read up for themselves - free PR!

They also really focus down the 'death threats' and decry the poor quality of the climate debate - to be honest the 'death threats' are rather over reported. Also the quality of the climate debate can be easily recovered, just ask the scientists to sit down with the skeptics and have open debates...

They also claim that with coal that 'our customers will have to account for their green house emissions when this coal is burnt overseas' (30 minutes 50 seconds in) - erm China does not have a green house emissions tax; they can and do burn our coal without any Co2 cost incurred!!!  Also the 'Boom Boom Boom' statement seems to forget that, yes, the Coal sector will still keep going, but the Carbon Tax will put a damper on demand growth and make marginal mines no longer viable. In essence there will be an opportunity cost of applying the Carbon Tax in reduced future growth.

Basically the 4 Corners report was rather biased and did little to actually progress the debate on factual grounds.

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