Maths Bug app is out

By Eco Guy 12:41am 28th November 2011
Frustrated by the lack of good maths teaching aid apps out there, we just went and wrote one cool maths game..

Maths Bug App

To help my children learn and improve their general maths ability I wrote an Android app called Maths Bug that makes maths fun. Similar to the way you would use a mathematics worksheet to learn subtractions or do fractions, this app gives you sets of tests to work through on a given area and keeps track of your progress.

  •  9 different tests to challenge you
  • Either type your answer or use multiple choice
  • Extensive sound effects and graphics to keep you engaged
  • Built in scoring depending on speed, accuracy and difficulty level
  • Inspired by structured learning systems like Kumon
  • Built in world wide high score tables per test or overall
  • Change the background to suit your taste
  • Built in blackboard to help you with working out
  • Works equally well on mobiles or tablets.

If you are on an Android device now you can click here to go straight to the market page.


BTW If you are wondering what this is doing here; it does improve your mental ability and betters brains mean better decision making, so in a very indirect way this could help the environment.. If you want to learn more directly about the environment I suggest you download our Green Dictionary app.

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