Climate Rage

By Eco Guy 11:40pm 18th March 2010
Climate Rage - don't get mad - get even.

Its seems that Climate Rage is all the rage at the moment. Namely that young people want to do something about the environment and are getting angry at the lack of progress being made.

Now the young caring about the environment I think is a good thing - but unfortunately this is being seized upon by the Climate Change political movement (listen here) as a stream of new recruits to bend to their ways.

This I most strongly object to - the whole subject of climate change and how much actual impact we have had in warming the environment is far from settled. Young people need to be actively shown both sides of the debate in the education system and given the time to work out what they want to do. Hearing people in government employment discuss climate change from such politically charged positions is just wrong and these people need to be made to understand that by being employed in government education they are there to respect all perspectives - no matter whether they personally agree with them or not.

BTW I'm not over sixty, I'm well educated (PhD level) and a professional - so Lowe's comment in the linked article above about Aussie 'skeptics' being over sixty and dumb is just idiotic and an ad hominem argument.

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