Labor loose big time in Queensland

By Eco Guy 8:50am 25th March 2012
Labor have just lost Queensland in spectacular fashion, what does this mean for the Environment?

Labor in Queensland are essentially no more, even Anna Bligh has resigned her seat given there is not a party worth leading left in Queensland.

So what does this mean for the Environment as a whole?

Myself, I think this is a good thing - too much Labor policy around the environment has been concerned with ill conceived down right environmentally dangerous policies:
  • desalination plants that end up never being used;
  • ill managed and controlled flood control schemes;
  • very expensive and very inefficient wind turbines;
  • A carbon tax we were promised we would never get and that won't have a negative effect on the prices of goods. Yeah, right!

The problem with all of this from an environmental perspective is it steals 'wind' from other ways of helping the environment. For instance:

  • Improving the efficiency of the energy consumed by a market mechanism that actually rewards efficiency directly in price?
  • Working out a way to properly reward manufacturers and consumers who design and use products which are more reusable and upgradeable?
  • Improving mass transit so the act of transit is consistently quicker than using a car..

These things are not impossible, they are not unrealistic - it's just that we have been stuck with governments more interested in following the other 'Eco Lemmings' in doing what they have been told is the right thing to do - rather than actually thinking things through to their logical conclusion and doing the knowledgeable thing to do.

It looks like for Labor's lack of real thinking they got what they deserved - a Fail from the electorate. Next to go is Federal Labor - roll on the election!

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