The Australian Carbon tax is no more

By Eco Guy 10:04am 18th July 2014
Yesterday in the Senate the Carbon Tax was removed. This was a great victory for common sense as concerns realistic environmental policy.

The Carbon Tax in Australia is gone - hurrah!

Now, you may think this is somewhat a strange statement to find on an environmental website, but this is actually good news. The Carbon Tax, in its construction and operation, was actually more about money moving around for political gain than actually about doing anything to 'save' the environment.

Australia, in terms of 'carbon footprint' is a minor player on the international stage; China dwarfs us in its Co2 emissions and does so burning coal Australia supplies - anybody detect a hint of hypocrisy here? Our political class seemed perfectly happy to place an additional tax burden in our businesses and indirectly on the public - yet were perfectly happy to let Co2 producing coal go overseas to China?

Anyway its gone and good riddance. Hopefully this might lead to more enlightened policy decisions with respect to the environment and the real issues that impact Australia. For instance:
  • Water availability and supply;
  • Land degradation;
  • Energy usage efficiency.
I'm a firm believer that environmental policy needs to based on rational, realistic and hard science based logic. Of late we have had too much 'knee jerk/follow the leader' policy and too little analytical thinking. It's time to change the game for the benefit of all.

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