Earth Hour - the flop?

By Eco Guy 9:42pm 28th March 2010
Although Earth Hour left people with a nice warm glow, did it actually make a difference...

So what did Earth Hour actually achieve?

Apparently not that much. Turning off ones light for one hour is turning off one of the lesser power consumers in todays society - devices like:
  • air conditioning units
  • water heaters
  • pumps
  • air heaters
  • large TV's
  • projectors
  • ovens
  • stoves
  • etc
All consume a lot more power than the humble, now often compact floro, light. So Earth Hour is not a practical way to reduce power - in fact it might just have kept things the same as people tuned in our their TV's with their hot cup of coffee to watch famous buildings and landmarks go dark; or worse went on a drive to have a look directly.

So the actual benefit behind Earth Hour is only really in raising people's awareness of their impact on the environment - although the question should be, wouldn't it be better to actually educate people about how to live a more eco friendly life in the first place than just make them feel good about doing nothing in effect? Is this creating a false do nothing reward expectation?

For ways to reduce your long term energy usage read this

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