Most convinced global warming not man made

By Eco Guy 12:43am 12th May 2010
It appears that down in Australia that there is an outbreak of common sense occurring.

The Syndey Morning Herald carries an interesting article describing the results of a recent poll. The key takeaway is:

Two out of three Australians are not convinced climate change is man-made, and even those who do believe it is aren't prepared to pay much to fix it, a new poll shows.

A Galaxy Poll, commissioned by the conservative Institute of Public Affairs, found 35 per cent of respondents blamed humans for global warming.

Fully 26 per cent believed it was just part of a natural cycle, while 38 per cent remained uncertain.

This is good news; as we have shown here the real driver behind the push to solve climate change has more to do with generating profits than to do with saving the environment. Also it now looks like we might be in for a prolonged cold period; which should really be the focus of our attention (given the cooling since 2001).

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