Is Climate Change caused by Photoshop?

By Eco Guy 2:30am 14th May 2010
We look at the images used in the media to portray climate change and find quite a few have been run through PhotoShop..

Firstly, I'd like to state I'm all for looking after the environment and 'doing the right thing' I just get somewhat concerned when people go out of their way to 'sell' a point of view using clearly made up images.

Polar Bears on ice flows

These have been around for ages, the polar bears even longer..  For example

Anyone spot the editing? The shadow of the bear is too 'exact' on the water for starters. Secondly the waves on the right of the image continue unchanged through the bit of ice sheet..

Also there is a penguin version available; with a rather large penguin in place of the polar bear. You can also have 3 penguins.

other things on ice flows..

Apart from the obvious fact that such a structure would not stand - note the reuse of the same background..

Other Examples

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