Kids test with added global warming propoganda

By Eco Guy 4:14am 14th May 2010
The recent NAPLAN test in Australia has caused an outrage due to it containing an inaccurate article that pits roo meat against beef & the coal industry in terms of environmental impact.

See the coverage by the ABC. In particular:

David Pietsch, from Meat and Livestock Australia, says an article used in the Year Seven test contains incorrect information about the cattle industry's greenhouse emissions.

He says it sends the wrong message to students by claiming the livestock industry emits more pollution than the coal industry.

"It quotes the Garnaut report that livestock is responsible for greater emissions than the coal industry," he says.

"Now the figures that we have, which are from the national greenhouse accounts, suggest that around 37 percent of emissions are from electricity generation, which is mainly coal, versus around 10 percent for the livestock industry."

Now it may well be that Roo meat has less of an environmental impact than beef, but the fact that this comparison with the coal industry has turned up in a government ran school test that is national is somewhat beyond belief.

Please, please, please just focus on testing the students educational ability and stop trying to 'force feed' them incorrect green political spin. This really needs to be stop and someone needs to be fired over it. I also find it somewhat amazing that who ever did this thought they were actually going to get away with it - the time of blind adherence to the global warming mantra is long gone.

Of course this should be considered to be a completely separate issue from that of some schools trying to stop the under performing from sitting the tests.

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