New Scientist, in denial on denial

By Eco Guy 12:02am 15th May 2010
New Scientist has just published a 'Age of Denial' special edition..

It appears the New Scientist has decided to show its true colours on its position on Climate change and go all out and publish an 'Age of Denial' special edition. See the WUWT article for more background and how this has direct links with AGW.
The real trouble I have with this is that New Scientist used to be seen as a publication 'above' this sort of rubbish; it was the main avenue by which science could engage with the more 'science aware' general public. It bridged a gap between the precise and 'geeky' world of periodicals and that of the far less science educated general public. It was a mechanism by which the lid could be 'lifted' on science and offered up to anyone willing to buy it from a newspaper stand.

Now, it appears New Scientist has more to do with pushing political agendas and painting incorrect and unbalanced 'pictures' of what is happening in reality. This whole Denial edition is a classic case to point, 7 articles on denial and why its bad and not one article from anybody being 'tarred' as a denialist by implication.

New Scientist, you have dropped right to the bottom of the barrel; I used to respect you as a public facing science publication, now it appears you have sacrificed your whole character and respect. I will not be buying you again and I will be encouraging my friends to similarly boycott buying you.

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