National Climate Change Forum response

By Eco Guy 3:02am 19th February 2010
This is in response to the National Climate Change Forum being held in Adelaide.

Yet more Greenwash and climate spin...

I must say I was not that surprised by what I found at here and Penny Wong's latest speech to the converted..

Again, it appears that man made Global Warming and Climate Change is more about ensuring the 'message' is kept clean and that nothing, absolutely nothing, is allowed to get in the way of the message. Regardless of whether that may be:
  1. The truth.
  2. Alternative considered opinion from other educated people
  3. A question trying to seek the facts of the matter.
This really all smacks of politics by single minded agenda regardless of the cost.

For instance there is no presentations from anybody who might have an alternative view on this issue, no discussion, no options. Given we are paying for this I consider it an abuse of the government process; this is a bit like having a parliament with only one side of the house represented.

I urge Penny Wong to at least have a read of this article and realize that the science is far from settled and stop confusing global climatic conditions with locally caused (i.e. human made) changes in the environment. So much of what is wrong in Australia is down simply to our bad management of the local resources and environment and not down to the boggie man of climate change.

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