Bilderberg 2010

By Eco Guy 12:38pm 7th June 2010
Bilderberg 2010, a meeting you have never heard of, full of people you have never heard of - trying to manage the world without your say..

Bilderberg 2010, hardly a name that has been cropping up in the media, not like Copenhagen 2009...

Trouble is, it appears we have a meeting some of the worlds top financial and political leaders yet the coverage in the main stream media is strangely silent - does not appear on the 6 o'clock news, nor is it on the morning TV show...  Like climategate it appears that reporting what is actually happening in the world is left to the online media to do the job.

Now they may indeed be bent on producing a world government, or this might just be a rather special "gentleman's club" meeting of like minds. Trouble is with the degree of secrecy surrounding the meeting and the efforts to which those attending want to avoid being identified one is to conclude that perhaps this meeting is not to our collective best interests after all...

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  • Hagbard Celine said:

    Some thoughts on the subject: http://there-is-no-governor-anywhere.new-haven.org/blogs/St_Mytr/Bilderberg_2010-Just_go_home_to_your_TV-there_is_no_conspiracy_here

    ON Mon, 28 Jun 10, 1:29am probably from Sweden  Reply to this comment

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