Sustainable House Day 2010 in Australia

By Eco Guy 1:25am 9th June 2010
Sustainable House Day 2010 is on for Sunday 12th September 2010, we look at how this can help you been more sustainable.

Sustainable House Day 2010 is on and the date is set to Sunday 12th of September 2010.

What is Sustainable House Day?

For those who haven't been to the Sustainable House Day, basically community minded house owners, who have a house which is sustainable and green, open it up for the day to the public and make themselves available to answer questions.

Quite often leaflets and sustainable goods & services providers are available to answer any detailed questions you may have.

Given usually a large number of houses are open on the day you can often find 3 to 4 houses in your immediate area you can visit within a few hours. Also drinks and snacks are often provided, so it can seen as an afternoon or morning out for the whole family.

So what will you see?

Well you see several examples of:
  • Passive Solar Design - i.e. setting up the property to get maximum benefit from the Sun
  • Usage of thermal mass - this helps regulate the temperature in the house and smooth out the daily hot/cold cycles.
  • Solar Water Heating - often very effectively demonstrated!
  • Cross ventilation - setting up the property so that trade winds across a site will help with cooling and air flow.
  • Water harvesting and use - i.e. collecting roof water in rain water tanks and then distributing it around the house and garden as required.
Plus several other techniques and 'tricks' to make a property truly sustainable. We would recommend attending if you are looking at making your property more sustainable or green,

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