Time to comment on the IPCC

By Eco Guy 4:02am 11th June 2010
The IPCC is awaiting your feedback, tell it as it is...

According to this article the IPCC is wanting feedback on its actions and how well it has performed its duties...

You can leave your comments here. We suggest you focus on the several key issues:

  • Complete Transparency in a timely manner - minutes, drafts, notes and email exchanges should be made publicly available as soon as they are made available to committee's or reviewer's. No 'locked out' sessions to be permitted.
  • Reviewers Comments - similarly any comment must be duly recorded along with its analysis and both be made publicly available in a timely manner.
  • Publication deadlines - consideration for reference inclusion only be given to papers currently in publication, papers about to be published or in review are not to be referenced. Also papers so referenced need to fully disclose methods and data sources to allow full repeatability.
  • Conclusions, graphs or data that depends upon statistical methods to undergo separate review gate by dedicated statisticians independent of environmental research to ensure accuracy and repeatability.
  • IPCC to change mandate to include determining if climate change is also a natural event and committees to be set up to investigate this question.
As always when giving such feedback, be constructive and be precise.

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