Green Home Loan Calculator

By Eco Guy 9:30am 22nd June 2010
A home loan calculator that allows you to also work out what you can do to be more green, and pay off your loan quicker as well.

We have put together a new Green Home Loan Calculator that allows you to work out what your repayments would be on either a principal & interest loan or a interest only loan with a 'burn down' graph showing how what is owed is paid back.

The 'green bit' is that you can also enters details of what your energy costs are, along with a few questions on your property - you will then be told that by undertaking certain actions to reduce energy costs (and be more green) that you will have additional money to put towards your loan payments, and hence shorten the period of loan - i.e. by being green pay off the loan sooner. You can put this amount into the calculator and see how much quicker you will pay off the debt.

This is not only good for the environment, but is also a good way of improving your financial security by reducing your debt obligations sooner.. So everybody wins!

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