Climate Change bullies?

By Eco Guy 11:49pm 22nd February 2010
Climate Change Scientists seem to believe they are being bulled...

Who is bullying who?

This seems very much to be a case of the bullies moaning about suddenly having all their research being put under the spotlight and them having to be the ones answering awkward questions for a change.

For the longest time those who do not believe in man made climate change have been labeled 'denialists'; very much in the same way the overweight kid in the school playground would be called 'fattee' - Its a label to insult and devalue the worth of that persons individual opinion and the contribution they can make. The AGW crowd has repeatedly done this and also used labels like 'Flat Earther' to attempt to discredit the analysis. In fact 'anti' scientists have been on the sharp end of such cyber bullying for years.

Although it is now appearing the real truth behind this matter is not one of name calling just for the sake of it, but rather an attempt to stop people getting to the core truth of the matter - that being the science of climate change and man made global warming is fundamentally 'bent' - in fact so far bent as to be only able to be sustained by deflecting any attempt to examine it given how fragile the construct really is.

So please, stop moaning about all the attention; yes, there are some individuals who have taken things too fair - but do not tar the majority of those wishing to find the truth of the matter with the bad behavior of a minority. That would be a complete injustice and do nothing to further the science.

To me, this is the real thing at risk in all of this, the underlying integrity of the scientific method; too many personal attacks result in science being turned into a war of ill researched words with disastrous consequences for all. Climate Science, unfortunately, has too many examples of this type of discourse, which does not bode well for its future as a science discipline.

If you are indeed a victim of nasty cyber bullying then I suggest you remember they are just an example of the fact that the bell curve distribution is alive and well and working its magic on manic deranged interest through to apathy. Record the emails and let the police deal with the real loony fringe in good time.

For more analysis of the climate change science see here.

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