A failure to insulate

By Eco Guy 3:52am 23rd February 2010
It appears the Rudd governments insulation rebate scheme is beyond repair...

Who is being insulated now?

What amazes me is after killing 4 people (& 93 house fires) through not implementing sufficient safeguards and then adding insult to injury by putting in place in effect a self certification scheme (if a home owner wants their insulation checked they have to get the original installer to check it first before going to an independent auditor), that Peter Garrett is still in the job.. Perhaps he has found his own form of 'reality insulation' that's keeping away all the hot bad news..

It just really indicates how desperate the current government is to 'sell' the reduce global warming story at all costs. Remember, the insulation grant had no Return on Investment elements- i.e. it never had to show that putting in the insulation in the first place actually did save any monies. Insulation in the roof space is just part of the story in keeping the temperature in a building comfortable, other things like: leaving windows open, poor in wall insulation and solar gain play as large a part in keeping things comfortable.

Also, one must feel a bit sorry for the businesses who got dragged into this and invested solely in supplying batts on mass - perhaps the lesson to be learned here is not to incorporate government hand-outs into long term business planning. Governments can quickly give and then equally as quickly take away...

See this article on how to achieve the same savings without additional insulation.

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 Statement by Kevin Rudd on Peter Garrett READ the full statement by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announcing the stripping from Peter Garrett of responsibility for the household insulation scheme.

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