More Efficient Solar Cells with Selenium

By Eco Guy 12:13am 9th August 2010
Researchers have discovered that just adding a minuscule quantity of 9% selenium with zinc oxide base radically improved the sun light absorbing efficiency of the material...

A team of researchers affiliated to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, tried with an attempt of implanting selenium in zinc oxide another known inexpensive element to discover the potential of the compound in utilizing sun’s energy which proved to be amazing. The researchers discovered that just adding a miniscule quantity of 9% selenium with zinc oxide base radically improved the sun light absorbing efficiency of the material.

According to Marie Mayer, a 4th year Doctoral student of Berkeley University of California and associated in the of LBNL's Solar Materials Energy Research, said the produced result sufficiently addresses the requirement of producing cost effective and more efficient solar cells. She added unlike the researches on utilizing the potential of hydrogen in fueling cars with zero emission that are yet to prove adequately, the researches on solar power are continuous, and investigations are happening in all conceivable areas.

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For my point of view, this has got to be seen as a positive force in making solar power more acceptable and able to be used in more cases. There is a lot of technology development in the solar space which promises a lot of improvements that will come on stream in the next 2 to 5 years - so looking very good indeed.

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