New Rainwater harvesting calculator

By Eco Guy 1:54am 11th August 2010
This new calculator allows you to work out the practical tank size given average per month rainfall, your roof area and expected monthly water usage.

This monthly calculator is an improvement on our previous calculator, in that you can put in your per month rainfall figures, along with your average monthly usage and roof area and the calculator will tell you the practical minimal size of water tank you need.

See Rainwater Harvesting Calculator to try it out yourself.

In fact to make it really easy to use - you can even take the historical rainfall measurements for your nearest weather station and upload that into the calculator to let it do all the maths for you! You just need your roof area and average monthly water usage and you are set.

We also show you the net gain or consumption of water to/from your tank as well, and figure that into the tank size maths - so you should not run dry.

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