Climate Disruption

By Eco Guy 1:08pm 19th September 2010
Climate Disruption equals Climate Change equals Global Warming - the great global rebranding of AGW rolls on..

Climate Disruption, sounds like some nasty laser weapon off Mars Attacks - but actually is the new 'marketing phrase' for Climate Change / Global Warming. See here for a discussion on it.

Basically, it looks like the old phrase is just not 'general' enough; i.e. they have been finding hard to get the message through when people keep asking awkward questions about the underlying science.

Climate Disruption is a much more general and 'fluffy' term that allows anything out of the ordinary that happens in the climate (and weather) to be attributed to man made global warming; without really having to prove it, as the term in itself is so vague and yet sounds so nasty - a true marketing masterpiece..

I really do hope the public work out the trick thats been played here and consigns this new language to the mental bin it so deserves.

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