WA Greens get evicted a Feedlot Operator for not believing in AGW

By Eco Guy 12:52pm 19th September 2010
It appears in Western Australia that the Green's have no shame in wrecking a families livelihood because they expressed anti global warming opinions. This has resulted in the family been given 4 days notice of eviction.

See here and here for the full details.

Basically it looks like the feedlot operation was actually being run quite well, with those running it actually trying to do the right thing in terms of how they interacted with the local environment.

It appears that in the eyes of the local Green's this is means absolutely nothing when compared against their 'transgression' in expressing a view anti AGW. I find this utterly horrid and beyond reproach. It's one thing to have a discussion and have a difference of opinions - its something else all together more 'evil' to systematically target a family who has done nothing beyond expressing a different opinion.

The really amazing thing is that the Green's don't seem to understand how truly 'bad' this is going to make them look - there's bad PR then there is going right off the deep end and driving into the loony bin.

The initial article asks for donations for the family, I suggest you do that and also forwarded the article onto your friends - the more people see this for what this is the sooner we can get back to a sensible debate like civil human beings in a educated society.

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