10:10 - 10 reasons carbon emissions trading does not work

By Eco Guy 11:49pm 9th October 2010
Carbon emissions trading does not work, we give you 10 solid reasons why it won't.

Carbon Emissions Trading does not work, 10 reasons

  1. The price of carbon is nearly zero. See this article.
  2. The Kyoto Protocol, designed to keep 175 million tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere by 2012, will slow the rise of carbon emissions by ... 6.5 days. See here.
  3. CO2 concentrations have been much higher in the past and we are still here. See this article.
  4. Carbon trading is seen as a means to generate more company profits out of thin air and not as a mechanism to save the planet. See here.
  5. Carbon trading does not obey simple supply and demand rules. Governments use 'carbon multipliers' to make alternative energy systems (like solar) cheaper to the end consumer (anyone for free money?) - this dilutes the market price of carbon and stops the market working.
  6. You can't just put a price on carbon and expect a market to work around that - it needs to backed by 'real' value. See this article. Hence point #1 above, carbon is not backed by anything 'real' - so its value goes to zero.
  7. Academics think it does not work as well. See here and here.
  8. Even organized crime are getting into carbon trading. See here.
  9. Carbon is not the main driver of our climate temperature. See here.
  10. Carbon remains in the atmosphere for 55 years; so what we do now will have no impact, its too late to make any meaningful difference. See here.
For 350 reasons more why carbon emissions trading does not work, go here.

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