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By Eco Guy 1:11am 14th October 2010
A post in "The Australian" indicates that the consensus on climate change among climate scientists is a fiction.

Quoting from the article:

"THE Royal Society's September report, Climate Change: A Summary of the Science, has brought into the open the widening difference of views about how the science of climate change should be assessed. It comes after a prominent resignation from the American Physical Society (the top body of US physicists) for the refusal of the society's executive to undertake a similar review despite requests from a large number of members.

In Australia, too, an examination of the Inter-Academy Council's review of the processes and procedures of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concludes that, although the council's chairman claims the IPCC's findings stand, the review itself exposes serious flaws in the panel's information and analysis. The examination by this group, which is a follow-up to its recent publication in the British journal Energy & Environment, is now being widely distributed in Australia...."

See here for the original article.

From our POV there never was an actual 'real' consensus among climate scientists - it was a pure invention to ensure that a 'united front' on climate change was perceived by the public and it was used as a 'weapon' to use against those who would speak out.

Science does not operate via consensus, it operates on reproducibility and the scientific method.

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