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  • If only there was no populism: ScienceDaily.   Researchers at Colorado State University and The Ohio State University have found that a cultural backlash stemming from the rise of populism may limit opportunities for state...
  • Welcome to the world of baby-economics where people think a “negative” price is a sign of success. In Simpletown people are cheering. But in the real world a price signal that’s negative tells us that someone...
  • Safely spaced out - Josh 363 Mon, 14 Mar 16, 10:20pm
    A slightly different angle on a familiar topic - the far left's battle against free speech. It was inspired by Rod Liddle's excellent article in the Sunday Times.
  • Barefaced Thu, 10 Mar 16, 8:20pm
    Professor Catherine Mitchell is one of the those public funded political activists who masquerades as an academic researcher. She has come to the attention of this blog from time to time over the years.
  • This has to be a spoof Wed, 9 Mar 16, 10:00pm
    Just when you think academia can't get any more foolish, some obscure pointy-headed chaps manage to outdo everything that has gone before, and by a distance:
  • Outlook bad for Shukla Wed, 2 Mar 16, 7:33pm
    Remember Jagadish Shukla, the American professor who called for racketeering laws to be used against sceptics? There was considerable interest when it was revealed that Prof Shukla appeared to be working full time for a charity...
  • Tabloid academics Thu, 25 Feb 16, 9:00pm
    Don't you just love it when a bunch of academics goes the full Sunday Sport? You know, putting together an article that makes up in headlines what it lacks in intellectual rigour.
  • Flogging the phosphorus horse Tue, 16 Feb 16, 11:20pm
    Over at the Conversation, a couple of academics are trying on the whole "we're going to run out of phosphorus" malarkey again. 
  • Hiding your light Fri, 5 Feb 16, 8:21pm
    Some of the more "politically aware" climate scientists have been keen that nobody should publish anything that might work against the green agenda. Michael Mann's infamous comments are a case in point. There is plenty of...
  • Settled science bites Thu, 4 Feb 16, 8:10pm
    Sceptics have often pointed out that if the science of global warming is "settled" then it's clearly not necessary to spend a fortune researching it. The government down under now seems to have taken this message on, announcing...
  • A haszelnut in every bite Wed, 27 Jan 16, 8:44pm
    As I think I've mentioned before, I now  assume that most gongs are handed out to people, not for public service, but for "going the extra mile" in the furtherance of a cause dear to ministers' hearts...
  • Academic: let's try violence Tue, 19 Jan 16, 9:18pm
    It goes without saying that huge numbers of academics are a waste of time, space and money, but on a purely selfish level I'd hate anyone to actually deal with the problem...
  • A crack in the ivory tower Tue, 19 Jan 16, 12:00am
    The Bookseller is reporting that Penguin Random House has been experimenting with a non-graduate recruitment scheme. So successful has it been that they have now decided that they are going to waive the need for candidates...
  • Name them! Sat, 16 Jan 16, 2:19am
    Toby Young has a must-read article in the Spectator about the retribution handed out to researchers whose findings challenges the articles of faith of the political left...
  • Money without accountability Fri, 15 Jan 16, 7:02pm
    The Mail is reporting that universities are trying to put themselves beyond the reach of the Freedom of Information Act. 
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