Biofuels destroying Rain Forests

By Eco Guy 2:31am 5th November 2010
Biofuel producing crops are replacing rain forests, resulting in the silly situation that there is a net increase in carbon.

See Expanding Croplands Chipping Away at World's Carbon Stocks and Palm oil: the biofuel of the future driving an ecological disaster now.

Basically the demand for bio fuels is fueling the need to grow more plants, such as palms to produce the oil. Palms are best grown in the tropics resulting in increased pressure to convert rain forests into palm plantations. This is happening on a massive scale, particularly in Indonesia and other central Asia countries.

There is also concern over the basic base line wholesale destruction of the rain forest habit and how the wildlife is been adversely effected.

So the net effect of all of this is that is actually probably better for the environment, in net carbon usage, to use traditional petrol instead of the bio fuel alternative. At least until we have fully certified bio fuel sources that do not result in rain forest destruction. It looks like the Dutch are leading the way on this.

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