Green Guffs of the week

By Eco Guy 10:59pm 8th November 2010
Quick summary of some major 'green' snarfs of the week in terms of not really doing the right thing to save the environment.

Nice little collection of news this week, although admittedly rather focused on the silly part of the spectrum.

1. Carbon Trading is dead Jim..

Appears carbon trading in the US won't be going anywhere fast.See the following articles for more context on this:

2. Biofuels worse than fossil fuel for the environment

You heard it right, biofuels do not really help the environment when you look at the big picture. See the following articles for the full story:

3. The wind taken out of UK wind farms

Appears somebody found out that building nuclear power plants is actually better for the environment at the end of the day.

4. Journalists admit being duped by climate change group think

Amazing article this; although I must admit they really only have themselves to blame as they effecting turned off their collective 'BS' detectors and stopping doing investigative journalism and just became PR parrots/puppets. I really hope they follow up this soul searching with actually investigative journalism - just in time for the Climate Gate anniversary, be a lovely time to get back to true form and tell people how things really are.

5. Silence the debate

Looks like another attempt to stop the climate change debate by closing down on skeptics having a voice. Nice to see people are so prepared to do what ever it takes to get in the way of free speech and the American way.

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