CO2 global levels rising, is this a problem?

By Eco Guy 10:50pm 21st November 2010
According to recent reports in the media it looks like 2010 is 'expected' to be a record this year. We look into the actual facts and find this is just speculation prior to Cancum.

Recent reports say that it looks like 2010 will be a record year for CO2 emissions, see here and here. And the full report here

To quote:

"The study, published in Nature Geoscience, found UK emissions were 8.6 per cent lower in 2009 than in 2008. Similar figures apply to USA, Japan, France, Germany, and most other industrialised nations.

Emissions from deforestation in tropical countries is also down because of international efforts to stop illegal logging."


"In 2010 the emissions from burning fossil fuels are expected to rise again, pushing the amount of CO2 produced by mankind to record levels"

I hope you noticed two things:

  • We are not done with 2010 yet;
  • Somehow they have been able to predict ahead of them actually doing the base line measurements and analysis that 2010 is higher than 2009 in emissions.
The Report is for 2009 not 2010. Also 2009 has a net reduction in CO2 levels - amazing how a successful event is spun into a failure in the future don't you think?

One must therefore conclude that this is fact less scare mongering prior to COP 16 in Cancun. I see Al Gore is also up to the same trick of trying to hide the decline in real world support for AGW.

Although it was of interest to note the reference to deforestation and its relationship to CO2 emissions, maybe this has parallels to the silliness of Biofuels destroying Rain Forests ?

I really wish the world politicians would get off the CO2 bandwagon and focus on real environmental issues - like local environmental pollution and global issues like all the plastic floating around our oceans. Its time to really do something for the environment.

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